Britt Bolderman EN

B. (Britt) Bolderman

debt collector

After studying management assistant, Britt started at a notary office where she was mainly responsible for all secretarial and administrative work. Britt has gained a lot of experience in this.
Britt is responsible for collection matters, accounts receivable management and some marketing. The combination of customer contact and administrative tasks, including handling various files, keeps the work varied. Britt makes a weekly vlog or post for social media.

Social and versatile

Britt’s goal is to gain a lot of experience in her field of work, and who knows, she may follow further training to expand her daily activities.

When Britt is not in the office, she likes to be with her partner and/or family and friends. Enjoy a party, a snack and a drink or just enjoy an evening of Netflix! She also enjoys walking with her dog Lex. Twice a week Britt can be found at UltimateFit to take a sporty Crossfit class.

'The challenging thing about this work is that you must deal with different people in different situations. Ultimately, I try to help everyone where I can to find the right solution for all parties involved.'

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