Esther Koppelaar EN

mr. E.H.D. (Esther) Koppelaar

legal counsel

After completing her Law degree at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Esther completed a pre-master’s degree 2017-2018 and a master’s degree in Law at Tilburg University. She graduated in 2019. Her master’s degree was a general master’s degree that included administrative, private and criminal law subjects. After her studies, she worked for a year at the UMCU as a junior contract manager, dealing with general contract law. She then specialized in employment law and gained two years of experience at the National Association of Employed Doctors. She answered first-line questions about collective labor agreements in healthcare and questions in the field of individual employment law. She also checked work schedules for compliance with the Working Hours Act and the relevant collective labor agreement.

Persistent & social

Esther is a go-getter and she easily puts herself in the other person’s shoes. She is practical and enjoys coming up with creative solutions, but she also likes to remain realistic. The diversity of questions and issues makes the work fun. She likes to work on content, but she also finds social contact very important.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with friends, traveling and hiking. She also likes to invest time in personal development.

"The dynamics between law and social contact is what makes my work so fascinating!"

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