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C.C.M. (Carlijn) van 't Hol

debt collector

Carlijn started her Social Legal Services training in 2019 and plans to complete the study this year. Last six months she followed a legal and criminology minor in Barcelona. She studied there for 5 months, enjoyed the Spanish culture and met many new people. Now it is time to graduate and she is busy writing her thesis.

Professional and persistent

During the training she discovered that her interest lies mainly in the legal side of the training. That is why she is very motivated to expand her knowledge about this and she wants to do this by continuing to study law at the University. She hopes to apply what she has learned so far during her training, but also what she will still learn, in her work within Jurato. Carlijn also has experience at a bailiff’s office.

At Jurato Incasso, its goal is to support clients as best as possible during amicable collection processes. She takes the interests of the client into account and strives to achieve a solution that is feasible for both parties.

In her spare time, she enjoys going for a run or going to the gym. She can also completely lose herself in a good book. She also likes to meet her friends for a drink on the terrace.

'Professional and persistent, aiming for the best results.'

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