Legal projects


Legal projects

The strength of Jurato Bedrijfsjuristen is our multidisciplinary nature. Various corporate legal counsels, attorneys, and tax advisors under one roof who work together smoothly within a team or on a ‘legal project’.


Each specialist has their own area of focus and extensive expertise. The specialists regularly consult with each other and think strategically. In this way, they can proactively respond to developments or jointly tackle a large project such as a business acquisition, merger, restructuring, investment, or real estate project.

Legal Project Management

We approach extensive legal projects in a multidisciplinary manner, with a clear goal in mind. Think of real estate projects, business acquisitions, legal proceedings, and restructurings. Our specialists work closely together following a smart structure and planning, where clear communication is the keyword.

Legal projects

We are honest; sometimes litigation is simply not the way to go and things can be done differently. With a fresh look, we advise you in the field of legal project management, we keep the overview for you and we take you on a legal journey. Among other things in the field of company acquisitions, real estate projects, reorganizations, employment matters, contract management, intellectual property, financial affairs, ICT & privacy and housing issues.


'Simple when possible,
detailed when necessary.’

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