Sales and leaseback distribution center

Sales and leaseback distribution center

Our legal counsel Christiaan Kramer recently completed a project regarding the sale-and-leaseback of the logistics distribution center of A.G. Transport in Ede. This concerns a building of approximately 30,000 m2 and the distribution center has now been in use for over a year. Kraft Heinz has taken a large part of the building into use.

The distribution center has an automatic layer picker. Thanks to this automated system, multiple orders can be prepared at the same time. A larger number of pallets can also be processed in one go. This ensures that Kraft Heinz customers can be delivered more efficiently and with greater speed.

'Legally properly arranged, that saves a lot of (potential) problems for every entrepreneur!’

It concerns a collaboration between several parties so that the product can be manufactured. Seven legal counsels from Jurato have been involved in this legal project. This is because it has been a project of large scale and involves several jurisdictions. The legal counsels provided legal guidance during, among other things, the purchase of the plot and the preparation of legal documentation. The duration of the project was approximately two years. A healthy working and living environment was taken into account during the construction of the building, which resulted in the BREEAM-Excellent certificate being obtained in September 2022.

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