Transformation office building into apartment complex

Transformation office building into apartment complex

In the realization of an apartment complex with twenty luxury apartments, Jurato provided legal guidance and advised on the construction, sale and operation of the complex. The Hoog Sonsbeeck apartment complex is located in Arnhem.

'Managing, renovating or changing real estate can sometimes have difficult consequences. Especially when it comes to a monumental building. No challenge is too crazy for us!’

The old office building, the Berghoeftoren, has undergone several changes, creating space for the apartments. However, these adjustments have not resulted in the monumental appearance of the building being lost. The first ten floors have become apartments with a size of 115 to 170 m2. Two apartments have been developed per floor. In addition to the apartments, a penthouse has been developed on the top floor with a beautiful view of the surroundings. The complex is located at the Sonsbeekpark, but also within walking distance of the bustling center of Arnhem. This ensures a good balance between tranquility and dynamism for the residents. In addition, facilities for residents such as parking and storage space have also been considered.

The involvement of our lawyers has ensured that ambiguity has been removed from residents. By requesting several meetings with the municipality, more clarification has been provided about the plans for the building. This has resulted in increased support among residents.

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