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mr. S. (Sander) Derksen

sr. legal counsel

Sander Derksen graduated in European law from Maastricht University. He also studied international law and Dutch law. After his studies, Sander worked for some time as a legal assistant at a mental health institution, after which he worked in general legal practice through his own consultancy firm. During this period he specialized in the field of compliance.

Entrepreneurial and practical

In January 2016, Sander started working as a lawyer and ‘Compliance Officer’ at a law firm, after which he worked there from 2017 to 2022 as a lawyer and partner. The desire to fully focus on companies brought Sander to Jurato. From September 2022, Sander will work as a senior corporate lawyer, focusing on corporate law, administrative law (environmental law), international and European law and Compliance. Cases that overlap between administrative law and civil law are his specialty.

Sander has broad experience with companies, both as a customer and because Sander has had his own company since 2013. He likes to be involved in a company at the earliest possible stage, precisely to prevent legal problems and to think along with the company. He prefers practical solutions and finding solutions together, but if necessary, Sander can rely on broad process experience.

'If there is no case law, then you have to create case law.'

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