Jurato accompanies international acquisition

Jurato accompanies international acquisition

Recently, Jurato has been involved in an international acquisition. Klumpenaar Industriebanden B.V. has been acquired by GRI, an industrial tire manufacturer from Sri Lanka.

'Jurato: at home in all markets’

The transaction was successfully guided from start to finish by Jurato Bedrijfsjuristen. Jurato Bedrijfsjuristen assisted the seller in this. Klumpenaar Industriebanden B.V., founded in 2010, is actively involved in the aftermarket service and distribution of tires for material handling. The company has grown rapidly since its inception and has built a reputation for excellent customer service. Klumpenaar Industriebanden B.V. has already built a fully-fledged warehouse and office complex in 2010 to operate from. The company has a talent pool of experienced professionals, some of whom have more than 30 years of experience in the specialty tire market and have gained the trust and respect of customers across the Dutch market.

This is GRI’s fifth global acquisition in the past five years. Previously, GRI acquired entities in the US, Australia, Spain and the Baltic States to drive growth in these respective markets.

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