Legal structure for product innovation

Legal structure for product innovation

Last summer, Jurato started a partnership with the company SPECSTACULR®. Among other things, we have set up a platform for a sustainable legal structure for both the product and the SPECSTACULR® company. Not only has a great deal of attention been paid to the protection of intellectual property and the like, but also to future (product) developments relating to SPECSTACULR®.

'Together with a top team of specialized colleagues, we tackled and handled this project well.”

The SPECSTACULR® product is an innovative product that always guarantees the user clear, clean lenses. The compact mobile device cleans glasses fully automatically, without additional actions and/or applications, in just 45 seconds. What is special is that this glasses gadget does not use heat or moisture to clean glasses. The product SPECSTACULR® contains a cleaning cartridge that can be replaced as soon as the product indicates this, this also happens automatically. The product SPECSTACULR® will be sold worldwide and will be produced in different countries. That is why the company SPECSTACULR® must, among other things, consider different legislation in different countries.

Among other things, Jurato also acts as permanent corporate legal counsel for SPECTSTACULR® and will remain involved in the developments that are taking place in the coming period.

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