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mr. A.J.M. (Amber) van Sommeren

legal counsel

Amber started as a Paralegal at Jurato in February 2020 and currently works as a corporate lawyer. She studied at Radboud University in Nijmegen where she successfully completed the master’s specialization in Civil Law.

Eager to learn and enterprising

After completing her studies as a Legal Assistant in Business Services at the Koning Willem I College, she completed her Law course at the Legal College in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. She conducted her graduation research at Jurato and this was about the possibilities and consequences of a restart of an insolvent company, in particular the pre-pack in connection with the bill on the Transfer of Business into Bankruptcy Act. She obtained her Bachelor of Laws in June 2020. After graduating in insolvency law, Amber started her master’s degree at Radboud University in Nijmegen and her master’s focus was on real estate and administrative law subjects, such as rental law, government liability law and administrative law. Amber completed this study with great success in May 2023. In the intervening periods, in addition to her studies, she has gained experience at a real estate agency and a law firm and Amber is now part of our team.

Amber comes from a family of entrepreneurs and therefore knows what is going on with the average entrepreneur. Due to her experience in real estate, she has an affinity with real estate and her interests lie in the private law and public law side of real estate. Amber gets to the bottom of things, but if possible she opts for a practical solution that a customer can use immediately.

In her free time, Amber spends a lot of time with friends and family and likes to do fun things, such as having a bite to eat, going to the terrace or a weekend away. Amber also regularly plays tennis and cooking is also one of her hobbies.

'Converting theory into clear and concrete advice that the customer can use immediately.'

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