Isabel Cobussen EN

mr. I. (Isabel) Cobussen

sr. legal counsel & team leader

Isabel studied Dutch law at the Open University of the Netherlands. After completing her studies, Isabel worked as a lawyer at two renowned law firms in Nijmegen. She has also been actively involved as an author in legal professional journals.

Entrepreneurial and en involved

In addition to legal skills, Isabel also has commercial skills. Her enterprising nature led her to decide to take a different turn. This exit took Isabel to Jurato. Since October 2020, Isabel has been working as a senior corporate lawyer where she is ready to assist you as an enterprising lawyer.

Within Isabel’s practice, the emphasis is mainly on advice and litigation where necessary, particularly on environmental law issues such as zoning plans and environmental permits.
Clients describe Isabel as a committed and cooperative lawyer who stands firmly on her feet. Isabel has broad experience in administrative law and she focuses in particular on environmental law. Isabel also has a civil law background. This enables her, if necessary, to approach a case from both civil and administrative law.

Not all cases require only a legal approach, but also a creative approach. Isabel stands out well in this regard. Her approach can be described as pragmatic, where she always strives for quality and wants to get the best out of a case. Isabel attaches great importance to warm contact with her clients.

Administrative law and environmental law are dynamic legal areas. Isabel therefore believes it is important to stay up to date with the latest legal developments. She has a special interest in developments surrounding the Environmental Act and follows them closely.
She likes to bring the current events within the aforementioned legal areas to the attention of her clients and relations. In this context, Isabel regularly provides (in-house) knowledge sessions.
Isabel has successfully completed the specialization course in environmental law.
In addition to carrying out legal work, Isabel is team leader of the real estate professional team within Jurato.

'A sustainable customer relationship with short lines of communication is my priority. Investing time in building and maintaining relationships is self-evident to me.'

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