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mr. W.G.A. (Merel) Verbeek

legal counsel

Merel has been working at Jurato since February 2021. As a corporate lawyer, she enjoys delving into files that involve corporate law, rental law or contract law. These legal areas often show some overlap with each other and that is why she can apply the knowledge from these different legal areas integrally in these files. From 2016 to 2018, Merel followed and successfully completed the Bachelor’s degree in Law. She then completed the master’s degree in Business & Law at Utrecht University and graduated in July 2020. During this master’s she specialized in corporate law. She chose this direction because she comes from an entrepreneurial family and because she admires the risks that entrepreneurs usually dare to take. As a result, she finds it interesting to help them with the legal issues they encounter.

Fast and Versatile

Her thesis concerned a study into the Transfer of Business in Bankruptcy Act, in which corporate law came into its own. During her studies, she also gained experience as a legal assistant at a law firm and at the Rechtswinkel in various legal areas.

In her spare time she likes to be around her friends or exercise. She also likes to travel and when the weather is nice she can be found on the boat.

'When a lawyer tries to solve legal issues, they are constantly looking for ways. If in the end there appears to be no way, then it is up to the lawyer to create one.'

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