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R.E. (Renee) Willigenburg


Renee started her internship at Jurato in January. Currently, she is studying HBO Law at HAN in Nijmegen. With this foundation, she provides valuable support to Jurato’s various legal teams. She is eager to gain more knowledge and practical experience at Jurato to further her development.

spontaneous and entrepreneurial

From a young age, she always wanted to become a lawyer. After completing high school, the choice for further education was quickly made, resulting in starting the HBO Law program at HAN in Nijmegen. She now holds a propaedeutic diploma and is currently interning at Jurato to gain more knowledge and practical experience. Additionally, she enjoys working on debt collection tasks. After completing her studies, she harbors the ambition to further her education and continue developing herself, preferably with a combination of study and practical experience.

In her free time, sports take center stage. She practices hockey, kickboxing, and padel, and is also frequently found in the gym. Besides her athletic pursuits, she enjoys dining out and socializing in the sun on terraces or beaches with friends and family.

'From studying law to practicing it, my passion grows with every step.'

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