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R.C. (Romy) Hut

debt collector & office assistant

Romy has been working at Jurato as an office assistant / receptionist since June 2022. She provides support for Mariëlle and Linda. After completing her pre-university education, Romy started working at a company active in the construction of the fiber optic network in the Netherlands. She gained a lot of experience and knowledge in administration, including recording documentation and customer contact. She brings this knowledge with her to her work at Jurato.

Curious and ordered

As of September 2022, Romy started the Associate Degree Legal Assistant training. This way she can better support lawyers and gain more professional knowledge. In addition to her studies, she will continue her work at Jurato.

Her interest in law arose at an early age. She always found it very interesting to follow news reports about legal cases. She was always curious about how a judge came to a certain decision. Over the years she has come to realize how broad the law is. Romy would like to delve deeper into asset law, because she wants to know more about, among other things, the rights and obligations associated with owning assets and inheritance law.

In addition to her work at Jurato, she can be found in the gym several times a week. She also enjoys cooking and doing fun things with her friends and family.

'With the help of my Associate Degree Legal Assistant studies, I hope to be able to support lawyers better.'

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