Roy Scholte EN

R.F.G.J. (Roy) Scholte

sr. credit manager

Roy has been working at Jurato as a senior collection specialist since December 2022 and has more than 20 years of experience in credit management. The bailiff’s practice also holds no secrets for him. Roy previously worked as a DGA at a credit management organization for 10 years.

Powerful and effective

Roy specializes in the amicable and judicial collection and execution phase. As a member of our Debt Collection specialist team within Jurato, Roy contributes as a professional to taking our collection branch to a higher level and, in particular, to deepening and broadening our customer relationships.

Specialized to be able to collect effectively, but always with an eye for the relationship. From an objective point of view and always solution-oriented, Roy has specialized in the collection field. He likes to lead issues to a good end goal and believes it is important that everyone gets what they are entitled to.

In his spare time, Roy is involved in sports. He runs, does boxing training, fitness and mountain biking. He also enjoys spending time with his family and going out for dinner and drinks with friends.

'Tough on the content, if necessary, but always gentle on the relationship.'

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