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Sander, currently a student on the Legal, Insurance and HR Services Specialist course, will do an internship at this company until January 5 to provide support in both the office and collection departments.
During his training he paid extensive attention to communication and acquired basic knowledge of law. Given his interest in both law and finance, he decided to combine both aspects and do an internship in a debt collection department. s

Eager to learn

In addition to applying his communication skills, Sander also hopes to learn a lot about collection processes and employment law. He would also like to gain experience at a company with corporate lawyers to get to know the corporate culture better. During his internship, he plans to work on his professional attitude and increase his vocabulary.
Sander is really looking forward to working with all Jurato colleagues. He is always open to feedback.

In his free time, Sander enjoys activities with friends, such as relaxing on the terrace or attending festivals. He also loves to relax in the sun, with relaxing music in the background.

“There is something to learn from everyone, even those you least expect. By being open to growth and feedback, you will discover new possibilities you never thought possible.”

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